LEW: Starr

Submitted nomination:
I nominate Starr to be inducted into the L.E.W. Starr is the definition of extraordinary. A mother of two, she makes room in her heart for the preschool and special needs students that she teaches. As an educator, she dedicates her time to help shaping kids into confident, fearless and adored young people. Additionally, she splits her volunteer time between her church and her university’s alumni council, of which she is the president.

Starr, if you could give young women one piece of advice, what would it be?
Learn how to communicate properly! Don’t be afraid of using the phone and asking for what you want. Practice having confidence, not just in the situations that you know you will be successful, but try to be brave when you know you might fail. Try everything, and if it isn’t the right time or the right thing for you, that’s all part of the process of learning who you are.

Congratulations, Starr! We are pleased to invite you into our League of Extraordinary Women!

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