Our Story

The name KA ORA!, derived from the Maori language, means “I Live.” which directly reflects the company’s overall mission. We want to encourage everyone to live, to dream, to take chances, and be proud of who they are. We sell bracelets that reflect and remind our customers of this.


Ka Ora Bracelets

Empower, Support, and Celebrate

The desire to begin KA ORA generated from the founder’s passion to spread positive thinking, supporting each other’s accomplishments, and celebrating individuality. More often than not girls and women at any age are faced with isolationism and limited self-confidence. These barriers prevent individuals from pursuing dreams or displaying passion and vigor.

KA ORA is a combination of empowering, supporting, and celebrating a woman’s ability to create her own destiny. The difference between success and failure is one’s mindset. When a woman is empowered to believe in herself and belongs to a positive group; she is better suited to succeed in having a healthy thriving life.