100% of the proceeds from our Many Hands bangle will be donated to One Community Many Voices. OCMV is a charitable nonprofit that provides proactive solutions through its People to People Fund to prevent a temporary barrier from turning into a crisis. In return, recipients pay it forward through volunteerism.


Ka Ora Bracelets

I live! It’s my time! It’s my moment!

Every woman has a unique story to tell. Each bangle reveals a piece of a woman’s identity. The crafted bangles display various individual traits including: personality, passions, accomplishments, or positive encouragement. Each bangle is crafted one at a time, so no two are perfectly alike – just like the women who wear KA ORA.


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"My skin is super sensitive to jewelry and easily breaks out in a rash. I finally own quality bangles at an affordable price that will not cause my skin to breakout. I've been wearing them daily for months. Thank you KA ORA!" - Brenda L.

" I was just gifted my first Ka Ora bracelet and I am IN LOVE!! It is such a quality piece of jewelry and it fits beautifully on my tiny wrist! I am very excited to add this to my collection and look forward to purchasing many more Ka Ora bracelets in the future!" - Danielle M.

"My bracelet is beautifully crafted and unique. I can't wait to purchase to give out as gifts to the special people in my life, for the message is beautiful." - Crystal A.

"I received two bracelets as gifts this Christmas. I absolutely LOVE the quality and enjoy wearing jewelry that offers such positive meaning." - Jennifer B.

"Beautifully crafted and designed bracelet. Great message and mission. Easy to navigate website. Very quick delivery." - Melanie E.