KA ORA provides quality craftsmanship through supporting local talents. Proudly made in New England. KA ORA bracelets are hand embossed using traditional jewelry making techniques passed down through 3 generations.

Each bracelet is crafted one at a time, so no two are perfectly a like – just like the women who wear KA ORA.

Key Features:

  • Materials: bracelets are jeweler’s brass plated silver
  • Seamless: there is no seam on the bracelet
  • Durable: we only use the best materials to make a quality crafted bracelet to allow you to wear it hiking or out to dinner
  • Sound: when you wear the bracelets together you make a charming sound
  • Width 6mm or ¼”
Diameter Circumference
Small 2.5″ 7.75″
Medium 2.57″ 8″
Large 2.69″ 8.5″

★★★ We can customize for smaller or larger sizes at an additional cost. ★★★

What size do I choose?:

Selecting a bangle size can be tricky. The following is a suggestion to determine a size. The size of the bangle is not about the wrist but rather the largest part of the hand that the bangle needs to pass over. A good way to figure out your size is to use a flexible tape measure. Squish your hand down (as if you’re preparing to pass a bangle over it). Take the flexible tape and wrap it around the biggest part of your hand and measure it very tightly. Then compare that measurement to the sizing above and select the bangle that works best for you.

Note: If you are buying a bangle as a gift, the most common size is medium. If you’re unsure it’s always best to go bigger than smaller. If you miss size your bangle, read our policy section on returning products. There is a cost associated with returning your piece to be resized so best bet is to measure and know for sure the size needed. Also, we cannot be held responsible for miss-sized bangles. We do provide these steps above but they are merely tips for sizing. The final size will have to come down to you.